About The Virology Portal & LINCC®

HIV service providers, including case managers, social workers, treatment educators, and other allied health professionals, offer critical coordination of care and related services for people living with HIV/AIDS and often function as clients' primary source of information on a wide variety of general health, disease-specific, and supportive service issues. While HIV service providers are required to meet an incredible diversity of needs from clients every day, they frequently lack support and resources.

Recognizing and understanding the needs of frontline HIV service providers, Janssen Therapeutics, Division of Janssen Products, LP. created the LINCC® initiative (Linking In-Need Communities to Care) to address some of the barriers to HIV/AIDS treatment and care in disadvantaged areas. Launched in 2008, this ongoing initiative continues to offer support through research and charitable contributions to the HIV service provider community and the HIV-positive clients they serve nationwide.

The knowledge and experiences gained through LINCC® led to the creation of The Virology Portal: An educational resource for HIV Service Providers. This unique portal aims to utilize new technologies to provide information, resources, and service provider training that may help improve the quality of HIV service and case management across the United States, and in turn may improve client outcomes. Designed to meet the day-to-day needs of frontline HIV service providers, the portal was developed in response to the needs identified through primary research and consultation with a diverse group of expert advisors, including service providers, case managers, and others familiar with their needs from across the country.

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