The Role of Expert Advisors in the Development of The Virology Portal

The Virology Portal is a collaborative effort developed between Janssen Therapeutics and feedback from leading HIV service providers and other experts familiar with their needs from across the United States. The mission of the portal is to advance the field of HIV service management and enhance the information and resources provided to clients.

The expert advisors listed on this site include representatives from a variety of organizations. Expert advisors may provide guidance on content to be included as well as insight and counsel on new functions and services this Web portal should attempt to cover.

Expert advisors who have provided feedback on this important initiative are listed below.

LeeAnna McComas
Dallas, TX

Justin Goforth
Washington, DC

Julian Brown, Jr.
Rochester, NY

Aaron O'Brien
Charleston, SC

Leslie Rodgers
Bronx, NY

Lisette Diaz
Newark, NJ

Michael McFadden
Chicago, IL

Yvonne Escarsega
Oakland, CA

Carlos Maldonado
New York, NY

Linda Scruggs
Washington, DC

Bruce Weiss
Chicago, IL

A. Toni Young
Washington, DC

Orlando Perez
New York, NY

Amy Pinter
Cape Coral, FL

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