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HIV in Older Adults

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Risk Factors for Older Adults
Challenges of Aging With HIV
Client tool:Living with HIV long-term
Tips for Living Healthy
Client tool:HIV and Aging

ASO=AIDS Service Organization; CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; MSM=men who have sex with men; NIH=National Institutes of Health; ROAH=Research on Older Adults with HIV.

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Episode 5 Survey

Feedback from your peers about HIV testing:

  1. 1. As an Allied Health Care Provider, which of the following high-risk behaviors are you most concerned about when it comes to the transmission of HIV?
    • 100% Having unprotected sex with MSM or multiple partners
    • 0% Injecting drugs or sharing needles with others
    • 0% Exchanging sex for drugs or money
  1. 2. Approximately how many people does your organization test for HIV each year?
    • 0% More than 10,000
    • 0% Between 1,000 and 10,000
    • 100% Less than 1,000
    • 0% My organization does not conduct HIV testing
  1. 3. How big of a challenge is it to make sure that people who engage in high-risk behaviors get tested for HIV?
    • 33.33% It is one of the biggest challenges
    • 66.67% It is a significant challenge
    • 0% It is somewhat of a challenge
    • 0% It is not really a challenge


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