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Raising Awareness About HIV

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Client tool:How HIV causes AIDS
Client tool:The Life Cycle of HIV
Transmission of HIV in the United States
Myths and Misperceptions
Client tool:COMMON-Myths-and-Misperceptions--About-HIV-&-AIDS
Considerations for Educators

DNA=deoxyribonucleic acid; RNA=ribonucleic acid.

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Episode 7 Survey

Feedback from your peers about susbtance abuse and HIV:

  1. 1. What percentage of your clients are currently experiencing substance abuse issues?
    • 0% 0% to 10%
    • 33.33% 11% to 30%
    • 33.33% 31% to 50%
    • 33.33% More than 50%
  1. 2. Over the past several years, has the prevalence of substance abuse in your community increased, decreased, or stayed about the same?
    • 33.33% increased
    • 33.33% decreased
    • 33.33% Stayed about the same
  1. 3. What are the most commonly abused abused substances in your community?
    • 66.67% Methamphetamine
    • 0% Crack cocaine
    • 0% Alcohol
    • 0% Club drugs (eg, ecstasy, ketamine, GHB, poppers [amyl nitrite])
    • 33.33% Other


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