Accessing Social Services

Welcome to the social services section of The Virology Portal. This section includes federal and national resource directories for accessing social services specific to the needs of HIV/AIDS patients. Here you will find resources for treatment assistance programs, housing, substance use, mental health, family planning and child care, and domestic violence, as well as for specific populations, including the homeless and incarcerated.

General Social Service Directories and Federal Resources:

The following links provide resources for general social services directories that are searchable by category specific to the needs of the HIV-patient, including housing, substance use, mental health, family planning, domestic violence, and information on access and reimbursement for HIV medications.

Health Resources and Services Administration

HRSA HIV/AIDS Programs: HAB Performance Measures

HRSA HIV/AIDS Programs: Reporting Requirements

National Association of People with AIDS Web site AIDS Services directory, provided by POZ Magazine, allows providers and patients to search for social services by category in their local area:

National Minority AIDS Council, Online Resource Library:

Technical Assistance for the Ryan White Community:

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