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Substance Abuse and HIV
Transmission Through Injection Drug Use
Commonly Used Substances
Vulnerable Populations
Support and HIV Testing
Client tool:HIV and Substance

CDC=Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; GHB=gamma-hydroxybutyrate.

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Episode 6 Survey

Feedback from your peers about aging with HIV:

  1. 1. How has the average age of your clients changed over the past decade?
    • 33.33% It has increased significantly
    • 66.67% It has increased slightly
    • 0% It has stayed about the same
    • 0% It has decreased
  1. 2. Are older adults sufficiently aware of the risks of HIV transmission?
    • 33.33% Yes, they are very aware of the risks
    • 66.67% They are somewhat aware of the risks
    • 0% They are often unaware of the risks
  1. 3. In addition to managing their HIV infection, which of the following is the biggest challenge for your older clients?
    • 0% Comorbidities
    • 50% Social isolation or depression
    • 50% Stigma
    • 0% Risk of drug-drug interactions


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